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Drug Enforcement Analytics LLC

Our company is a veteran-owned business that offers compliance solutions, expertly delivered, to assist our industry partners with meeting their controlled substance compliance obligations.

Controlled Substance Solutions harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide targeted analytics, actionable intelligence, and reporting to mitigate our customer’s compliance risks.

Our innovative solutions enable our customers, large and small, to effectively manage industry-leading controlled substance compliance programs.

Larry Cote


Larry is one of the nation’s foremost DEA litigation & compliance attorneys. Prior to entering the private sector, Larry served and as associate chief counsel for the Diversion and Regulatory Litigation Section at DEA, where he was DEA’s primary legal adviser on matters regarding the diversion of legally produced controlled substances and listed chemicals into illegitimate channels.

Larry’s law practice involves representing clients across the health care and pharmaceutical industries, from manufacturers and wholesale distributors to pharmacies, hospitals, research institutions, and individual practitioners.

It is through his work at DEA and in the private sector that Larry discovered the lack of tools available to DEA registrants to effectively manage their compliance programs. Larry felt compelled to establish DEA LLC and began designing compliance software solutions that would be a “game-changer” for compliance teams across the controlled substance supply chain.

To support his vision, Larry partnered with Verstand AI, a recognized leader in artificial intelligence, data science, and product development. Verstand AI is leveraging its cutting-edge academic research and substantial experience in the software development field to bring Controlled Substance Solutions to life.

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Our software solutions are developed by a leading expert in the U.S. on litigation and compliance matters involving pharmaceutical controlled substances.

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